Corinth theater Guild

British Theatre has been producing great drama across beautiful cities of the UK for many years now and is one of the country’s highly ranked theatres. Every year the theatre proudly entertains well over 200,000 persons with a wide variety of breath taking performances. Events and activities are always action packed with the much loved and anticipated plays.

Over the many years British theatre has been in existence- the theatre has grown rapidly to inspire collaborations with renowned theatres across the entire UK community both on and off stage.

An increase in the number of young people who want to get involved in our theatre has rapidly grown too. As a result, the theatre now boasts of one of the largest youth theatre groups in the UK with well over 300 active members.

In the recent years, British theatre has had immense success in terms of number of attendees and awards that have recognised their work in different plays.

Our existence as an entertaining group is inspired by our esteemed members, friends and our loyal fans who we have never failed to amuse with our activities.

Initially, British theatre was solely created to benefit acting and the interesting profession – to explore and develop the talents of young actors in the theatre industry today.

For a long time now, we have also been dedicated to opening up and developing our beautiful and historic building where all our events are held. It acts as a resource for the young talents so that they can gain hands-on experiences through British theatre.

Our master class programme also involves inspiring and empowering discussion with leading theatre industry personalities, workshops (onstage and off stage), career advice sessions, creative opportunities and paid apprenticeships for young talents in the industry.

British theatre is a platform through which confidence, self-esteem, creativity and business are nurtured. We embrace both talents of today and the future at equal measure.