About Us

Our Crew

British theatre crew members always work earnestly to direct various shows in the country. They have been abroad with shows which have been appreciated everywhere they have been.

As a professional and social team run by a dedicated crew and for the benefit of designers, British theatre is the best place you can ever get such a live and entertaining crew.

The goal of the crew is to support and nurture young talents through theatre, this is something they will always do at the heart of Master class

The crew also has a passion for all classical things, and regularly collaborates with other companies in the same industry to make it a healthy competition.  Some have worked in Arts Administration and Building Management, thus the delight in combining roles for a more successful British theatre.

Our mission

To be recognised as the country’s leading theatre of art, design and performance.


  • To create a world class hub for theatre.
  • Expand British theatre’s international reach, reputation and national impact.
  • To operate efficiently with financial and organisational initiative and efficiency.
  • Showcase the best talents in the country